Professional site reliability engineer, amateur chef, practicing traveller.


Signing Git commits with GPG using Keybase

GitHub recently announced support for signing commits using a GPG key. This provides an extra layer of security when verifying changes made to a repository come from valid users. Setting up GPG is super easy with Keybase, so I won't repeat the instructions here. If...


Prettify your desktop with Splashbox

FINAL UPDATE: This app is now offline. The Dropbox API v1 was sunsetted and there are no good alternatives to the gem used for authentication in Splashbox. Farewell, and thanks for all the fish! I've been a long-standing fan of inspirational desktop photos. When I...


Supercharging Capistrano with Chef

After a few months using Chef, the need to run commands on many nodes at once appeared. While Chef itself has a knife ssh option, it does not provide an interactive way of running commands on a group of nodes and then getting an immediate...

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