Bye bye Delicious. Hello Evernote!

Bye bye Delicious. Hello Evernote!

Well, with Delicious' death approaching, I was forced to grab all the bookmarks I've been collecting in the past 5 years and make a run to another service.

According to some users, Evernote is like a ‘personal assistant'. Since I've been needing some assistance with keeping track of all the things going on at the moment, I decided to create an account with the service.

But importing my bookmarks was no easy task, seeing as the people behind Evernote decided to can their Delicious importer citing 'technical difficulties'. Nevertheless, Father Google was able to point me in the right direction. If you're on a Mac, check out the excellent Delicious Bookmark Importer for Evernote.

Bear in mind, though, that you'll probably need a premium account (I did) if you want to import a lot of bookmarks since the script puts the entire link's page into a note. Otherwise follow the comments on the script's homepage for instructions on how to optimize it to create notes with only the bookmark's URL.



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