Extending your homebrew NAS

Extending your homebrew NAS

Today, courtesy of @pedrovanzella, I was introduced to CouchPotato, a little project started by a dev from the SABnzbd+ forums. What it does, is magic.

Well, in reality it’s a bit less than that. If you’ve been following closely, you know that I have a little homebrew NAS that I’ve built from the ground up to take the hassle out of downloading new TV episodes.

To accomplish that, we used a piece of software called Sick Beard. It handles the schedules of TV shows in the country of origin and downloads the files whenever they are made available, in the resolution you specify.

Now this is all fine and dandy, except Sick Beard is of no use if you are interested in Movies.

Enter CouchPotato. It basically does exactly the same stuff that Sick Beard does, except it’s, well, made for Movie downloading.

One of the many cool features it has is the Greasemonkey script that lets you add Movies to your SABnzbd+ queue simply by visiting their respective IMDB page and clicking ‘Add to CouchPotato’.

It’s also written in Python, which makes it somewhat fast and easy to deploy. If you have Sick Beard installed already, go get CouchPotato now.

And thank me later. Or not. 😉



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