My 2018 in travel

My 2018 in travel

This was, so far, my best year in travel. After having such a proving year in 2017, it was nice to go to new and interesting places with good family and friends.

Beware: this post is full of photos, so might take a few moments to load.

Konichiwa, Japan

There was that week in Tokyo...

Kiwi roadtrip

My family came to visit...

Rocking in the West Coast

And a great USA trip with friends starting with Foo Fighters in Seattle and ending with amazing sunsets in Venice Beach...

Stats for nerds

In total, I went on 9 trips, spanning 62 days, travelling 54,082 km to 17 cities in 4 countries.

Waiting to board in Sydney


Professional site reliability engineer, amateur chef, practicing traveller.

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