My favourite tools and services in 2018

My favourite tools and services in 2018

In no particular order, here's a list of the tools and services that made my life better this past year:

  • Cushion - 2018 was the first year I spent contracting for a living; the uncertainty of future income was made much smaller by this amazing time-tracking, forecasting and invoicing service.
  • RescueTime - managing time wisely is key for contracting, and this tool provides great insights into where I'm spending most of my time while on the computer.
  • TripIt - keeping me sane during the many trips this past year was the job of this service (which I actually have been a fan of for a few years).
  • Minaal - it's no secret I like my Minaal bag. In 2018, I upgraded my travel kit with a Daily bag. Great for shorter trips!


Professional site reliability engineer, amateur chef, practicing traveller.

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