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Rebuilding the NAS, Interlude

Before we dig into part II of the NAS rebuild, I'd like to entertain you with a tale of how I accidentally destroyed my newly-rebuilt NAS, and how I proceeded to recover it completely. First, some background After the FreeBSD rebuild, I decided to expand...


Rebuilding the NAS, Part I

If you follow this blog (it's ok if you don't), you may be aware that a couple of years back I decided to build my own NAS. I won't go into the details of what drove me to build it myself (you can read more...

An update to that RADIUS post

After a lot of research and endless nights watching logs, trying to figure out why some users were successfully disconnected while others weren't, I have finally managed to understand the concept that FreeRADIUS does not handle counters bigger than 4GB well. So while the original...

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