Rebuilding the NAS, (The) Part (That Was) II

Rebuilding the NAS, (The) Part (That Was) II

If you’ve been following my series of blog posts on my NAS rebuild, you probably came to this post expecting the final part of the series, where you’d find instructions on how to setup the applications and services that I rely on for my media management, such as: SABnzbd+, Sick-Beard, CouchPotato, AFP/Netatalk, Samba and some extras.

I’m afraid to say, however, that I have some bad news.

The low down

You see, when I started the NAS rebuild, my intentions were to replace Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, precisely) with FreeBSD which, in my previous encounters, showed itself as quite a stable and nice OS to build a server on (my NAS runs 24x7x365). And for many people out there, it works great.

Not what I expected

However, after playing around with it for a while on my own NAS, I came to the conclusion that FreeBSD is not a good fit for my system. For an unknown reason, the network driver that is built into the FreeBSD kernel for my NAS’ network card is buggy, and locks up every few minutes when there’s a lot of traffic going through it. This caused the infamous ‘stuttering issue’ that I spent countless hours diagnosing in my spare time.

In the end, FreeBSD was removed and a new copy of Ubuntu 12.04 was used to setup my NAS from scratch. Or almost. As it turns out, the implementation of ZFS-on-Linux has reached stable status, and the kernel modules are available to install without much hassle. With that I was able to remount my ZFS array and browse through all my files from within Ubuntu.

There is hope

This means that my original commitmment of posting a tutorial here about setting up SAB, SickBeard and others on FreeBSD, I will instead link to an awesome series of posts on another site about setting these apps up on Ubuntu 12.04.

So, without delaying any further, here are the posts on setting up SABnzbd+, SickBeard, CouchPotato and, to boot, Headphones on Ubuntu 12.04. Enjoy!



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